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Faraday Future Teased Its First Production Sedan/Crossover/Thing, and Few People Noticed

Four electric motors and more than 1000 horsepower: The slightly juvenile FFZERO1 supercar concept from startup company Faraday Future certainly delivers plenty of wow factor. Indeed, the FFZERO1 is one of the main attractions of this year’s CES in Las Vegas, but it’s just a flashy exercise in “look at me!” The brand is planning to launch more conventional […]

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Poking and Prodding Audi’s Haptic Touch Screen and Digital Dashboard at CES

Bosch wasn’t the only automotive company at CES to debut a haptic touch screen—the kind that registers inputs with a physical sensation like a vibration—Audi also brought one along. Two, in fact. Incorporated into a conceptual, forward-looking car interior buck mimicking the e-tron Quattro concept‘s cabin, the display had three colossal screens; only the digital gauge […]

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